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Is your country today better than when you were a child?

This is purely for my curiosity. I would like to know how Jamaicans and non-Jamaicans feel about their country, and whether they think things are now  better or worse than when they were children.

Poll for Jamaicans:

Poll for non-Jamaicans:

Usain Bolt


(A poem about choosing between going home to Jamaica or continuing to live abroad.)

Can I go back? Is there nothing to lose?
Does it really matter which way I choose?
Between living life on a cosmic scale,
Or holding on to the tip of its tail?
Ethnic oceans, seas dead and red –
Or women washing rags in the Rio Minho bed?
The world at your doorstep, galaxies of light,
New York in your backyard, Times Square bright –
Or the universe shrunk planetarium tight,
And a solitary star in the clear midnight?
To that fabled life, pure and true,
Mangoes and bananas and the morning dew,
To cawfee roasting and clothes on the line,
In my little village with not one street sign –
New York New York all left behind?
After being in Paris, Athens and Rome?
After seeing in Tripoli the ancient Hyperdrome?
After Thailand and Guatemala with such wondrous feasts,
And the African plains running with the Wildebeests?
After once or twice visiting the Middle East?
Will I indeed find
That peace of mind
With my barefoot planted on God’s own ground,
Can I call this place my resting home?
Times Square at night
Please share your thoughts in the comments box below. How do you feel about the place you call home?

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